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Report abusive or illegal content takes all removal requests very seriously and has established a simple and efficient process to handle them. Our support team is here for you to review and remove content that violates our Terms of Service.

We will keep your report strictly confidential and will only share it anonymously with the appropriate authorities if we are required to do so.

Please fill out the form below if you are a victim or come across content that you personally know constitutes a crime:

  • Non-consensual production and/or distribution of your image (including but not limited to: Revenge Porn, Extortion, Exploitation);
  • Content that discloses personally identifiable information (including but not limited to things like: Name, (email) address, phone number, IP address); or
  • otherwise abusive and/or illegal content.

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If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please feel free to email us at our support

Thank you very much.

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